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Before your appointment

To help us give you the best nails possible, here’s a few simple things

  1. This one is important! Do not apply any creams or lotions prior to your booking, This will impact product adhesion.

  2. Do not remove your acrylics by pull/ripping them off prior to coming in. This WILL damage your nails. If you arrive and your nails are very thin or damaged from products being ripped off, you may be refused service if your nails are in bad condition. This is duty of care.

  3. Same goes for gel polish, do not peel or pick this off prior to coming in to save on removal. This WILL damage your nails and we may be unable to work on them.

  4. Reschedule if you have any fresh wounds or broken skin around your nails. Due to health hazzards, we are unable to work with any fresh bleeding.


Taking good care of your acrylics will keep them looking great for longer and save you money.

The Kustom Klaws Nail 10 Commandments

  1. Cuticle oil! If nothing else, apply cuticle oil daily. This will keep your cuticles nourished and keep your enhancements looking newer for longer. Dehydrated nails can become brittle and seperate from the acrylic.

  2. Wear rubber gloves when washing up, doing any heavy cleaning,¬† gardening, applying chemical tan or hair dye. Excessive exposure to water or chemicals will damage your acrylics and any embellishments. Our nails are strong but they aren’t bomb proof.

  3. Allow yourself time to become accustomed to your new nails. Simple tasks such as doing up buttons, using your mobile phone or flushing the toilet may be difficult at first. Give yourself a few weeks to adjust to your new nail length.

  4. Do not file the surface of the acrylic nail. This will damage the structure and may lead to chips or cracks.

  5. Do not bite or pick at the acrylic nail, as you could cause it to lift or break and damage your natural nail in the process.

  6. If you experience any lifting or breaking, come see us for a repair immediately and do NOT attempt DIY repairs. Lifted nails are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

  7. If you decide to remove your acrylic nails, please do not attempt to take them off yourself. Come in and have them soaked off gently. Prying your acrylics off, will cause significant damage to your natural nail, and in some cases, you could pull your nail off with it.

  8. Have your acrylics refilled every 2-3 weeks. This is imperative to the upkeep of the nails.

  9. Remember! Nails are jewels, NOT tools. We’ve all been guilty of using our acrylics as a make-shift Swiss army knife, but try not to. Using your nails as tools, will cause damage.

  10. Lastly, if at anytime you have any concerns about your nails, please contact us. We are here to support you after your service.