Kustom Klaws will update and review their salon policies regularly in accordance with the latest public health advice.

Updated 11 February 2022

We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for our staff and clients. We see a large variety of beautiful women, from all over Perth. Over the years we have attracted a large number of immunocompromised clients. These include clients fighting cancer, with auto-immune conditions, clients with disabilities and even a client on the organ transplant list. Some of our clients are carers for immunocompromised children or family members. Some of our clients work in disability or aged care. We take the safety of our clients and staff seriously. We want to do everything we can to protect our staff and vulnerable clients.

Effective 25 February 2022, we are implementing measures to improve Covid safety in the salon. These measures are aimed at providing all our clients with the most covid-safe salon experience possible. We know nothing will make us bullet proof, but we can all work together to try and keep each other safe and minimise the risk.

If you have a legitimate exemption recorded on the Immunisation Register and provide evidence showing so, please discuss your options with us. We have arrangements in place to continue your treatment at times when no other clients are present.

We hope our beautiful clients will understand and appreciate we are trying to do everything we can to keep everyone safe during this really challenging time. We love you all and thank you for all your love and support.


What we are doing to keep you safe

  1. While not mandated, all staff are fully vaccinated against Covid 19 and have/will receive boosters when eligible. Staff are happy to provide you with their proof of vaccination upon request
  2. Staff will undergo daily temperature checks before the commencement of each shift. If a staff member shows an elevated temperature of 37.5 or over, they will be sent home for monitoring/testing if required
  3. The salon is sprayed each hour with disinfectant spray to reduce air contamination in the room
  4. Staff will wear masks at all time inside the salon
  5. Sneeze guards will remain in place
  6. Staff will continue to wash their hands before and after each service
  7. Staff will wear gloves during all services
  8. Desks will continue to be cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant after each service
  9. All common areas (EFTPOS terminal, door handles ect) are regularly cleaned regularly throughout the day
  10. When stocks become available, staff will undergo weekly Rapid Antigen Testing


What we need you to do, to keep us and other clients safe

  1. Check in via Safe WA or Service WA every single visit
  2. From Feb 25, show your proof of vaccination. Once you have provided this, you will be marked off in our system and won’t be asked to provide this again. This will be sighted in the salon. Please do not send us copies
  3. Check the exposure sites regularly. Reschedule if you have been to an exposure site.
  4. Reschedule your appointment if you are unwell or have any symptoms no matter how mild. If you present to the salon unwell, you will be asked to go home
  5. Do not bring children or friends to your appointment – this has always been our policy. We are a small salon and coming alone helps keep the congestion in the room at a minimum
  6. Please arrive on time for your appointment. Do not come excessively early as this adds to the congestion in the room
  7. Wear your mask correctly (over your nose at all times)
  8. Please follow all current government covid guidelines while in the salon. This is not negotiable.
  9. If you have a valid mask exemption or covid-19 vaccine exemption, please contact us directly to discuss.